Bringing the Power of Stereoscopic 3D Video to Dentistry

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Real-time Stereoscopic HD
3D-Video with up to 16x Magnification

Superior Outcomes

  • Accurate & early diagnosis
  • Precise & complete treatment
  • Visual education for patient

Better Ergonomics

  • Eliminates posture-dependent vision
  • Expands viewing axis
  • Reduces occupational injury

Shorter Learning Curve

  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to use
  • Improved work flow

State-of-the-art technology

  • Real-time Stereoscopic Video 1920 x 1080
  • Flat Panel 3D Display
  • Uninterrupted Work-flow with Foot Controlled Zoom & Focus
  • High Definition Optics with 10mm Depth of Field & 12x Zoom

Visual Documentation
(with optional) MoraVision™ Recorder

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Capture 3D/2D Videos & Photos directly into a Database with a Foot Switch
  • Easily Create & Access Visual Clinical Data for Sharing, Research & Reports
  • Mac OS X™ Native Platform

MoraVision™3D An Operating Video Vision System

The MoraVision™ system brings to dentistry for the first time:

The MoraVision3D™
  1. An unprecedented operational and postural comfort to the practicing dentist, assistant, and hygienist.
  2. An unprecedented stereoscopic 3D visualization, ushering a new paradigm in evidence based clinical decision-making to everyday practice.
  3. A new platform for clinical education. The magnified stereoscopic 3D clinical teaching model dramatically improves the efficiency and proficiency of clinical education and learning comprehension. The unobstructed view of a well illuminated and magnified operating field, seen in real-time or recorded stereoscopic high definition video of a clinical dental procedure, as seen from the perspective of the operator, provides a new clinical teaching platform that will improve communications and eliminates misunderstandings and misconceptions in the clinical learning process for student, colleagues and patients alike. It can expand the one-on-one clinical teaching model from 1:1 to 1:∞ via the web.
  4. An unprecedented ease for documentation without interruption to the clinical procedures being performed, accessing and sharing the visual information
Stereoscopic Dental Vision

Stereoscopic Vision

Stereoscopic vision requires two eyes viewing a three-dimensional object from two different perspectives simultaneously to produce and image with depth perception.
“With stereo vision you see an object as solid in three spatial dimensions--width, height and depth--or x, y and z. It is the added perception of the depth dimension that makes stereo vision so rich and special.”

Dentists using the Mora Vision System

Dental Practice

The MoraVision™ system raises the level of your dental practice through Magnification, Expanded Visual Access with Posture Independent Vision Ergonomics, Operating Comfort, Real Time Visual Communications, and Visual Documentation.

Moravision™ for the Dentist and Assistant

  • Optimum Posture
  • Visual Clarity in Real Time
  • Accurate Depth Perception
  • Precise Diagnosis & Treatment
  • Increased Productivity & Efficiency
  • Magnification: You can’t treat want you can’t see

With magnification levels up to 16x, MoraVision™3D improves your ability to see, diagnose, and treat early clinical problems before destroying a large mass of tooth structure and supporting periodontal tissues, and avoid future catastrophic loss of teeth and supporting bone. Early problem are usually invisible to the naked eye or even with the average 2x-4x magnification loupes. Magnification levels above 10x will allow the dentist to provide precision treatments without the usual collateral damage to unseen adjacent teeth and soft tissues. MoraVision™ takes dentistry from the Braille age to the seeing age with precise, minimally invasive, complete, truly preventative and gentle dental care. Well informed and educated patients will benefit. Raised levels of clinical competence will save your back and your health.

The illustration provides a graphic representation of the power of magnification and how it relates to information content.

The MoraVision™3D System

MoraVision™3D LiveView for the Patient

When patients can exercise visual control, they become partners in solving their problem and moving toward preventative dentistry. The optional HMD (Head Mounted Display) will allow the patient to view the operating field in Real Time. This is a most effective practice builder. It is based on educating the patient by allowing them full participation in experiencing the quality in the delivery of dental care. For patients, dentistry has been a faith based endeavor. With MoraVision and an HMD for the patient, dentistry becomes a known quantity and quality that serves to eliminate patients’ fears of the unknown and the resulting anxiety. By giving our patients visual control and equipping them with the visual knowledge of their own oral cavity, we empowers them to become better, happier and loyal patients who appreciate what we do for them.

View MoraVision™3D Image Gallery.

  • Improved Understanding through 3D Visual Education
  • Reduced Anxiety & Treatment Discomfort
  • Confidence in a Excellent Treatment Outcome
  • Increased Treatment Acceptance Based on Verifiable Trust
  • Tremendous Practice Builder

Teaching Institutions

MoraVision™ is the highest caliber, teaching tool available to institutions today.

Before students could view a playback catalog to learn critical procedures. Now, instructors can use the system for viewing purposes in real time as you teach. Students and faculty won’t have to wait until the procedure is complete to critique outcomes. Instructors can guide students while they work and avoid tremendous mistakes.

Dental Education

  • Interactive & Scalable Clinical & Pre-clinical Teaching Model
  • Unmatched Visual & Conceptual Clarity
  • More Time Spent by Students Developing Proficiency in
  • Cost Effective Dental Education
  • Remote Clinical Assistance

MoraVision will usher a new era in clinical and preclinical dental education.

  1. Interactive clinical teaching model based on true visual evidence with up to 16x magnification, where the teacher and the student can see the exact same thing in question leaving no room for conceptual misunderstandings.
  2. Interceptive clinical teaching model based on having MoraVision in each cubical. The teacher can now see exactly whatever the student is doing at any given time. The teacher can intercept accidents in the making, and show the student what should be done and how to avoid getting in trouble before it happens. The teacher can sit down and demonstrate a part of a procedure to the particular student or to the whole clinic simultaneously. Students will gain valuable insight from these short demonstrations before they are faced with similar situations.
  3. Informative clinical teaching model based on capturing and recording those moment instantaneously and without interruption to work flow. These procedures can be recorded catalogued and added to the 3D video library that can be accessed any time for future reference. In addition the teacher can be narrating what he’s doing and why, and the integrated microphone will pick up the sound and transmit it to the ears of the students watching the demo either live or recorded. The same 3D video and sound can be transmitted to the lecture hall. MoraVision will not only help the student see what the end result should look like, but how to get there.
  4. Assessment of the student’s progress can be substantiated with visual documentation and records.

These are only a few ideas on how MoraVision can transform clinical education which is the backbone of dentistry, not to mention remote clinical assisting and assessment.

MoraVision™ at Stony Brook University's School of Dental Medicine

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