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MoraVision vs Microscope

February 1, 2021

MoraVision™3D vs Microscope

Here are a few examples of how MoraVision™3D outperforms the microscope:

  • MoraVision provides the operator with the freedom to work comfortably without leaning and craning over the patient, and without holding still for extended periods of time.

  • With MoraVision, the assistant can see the operating field exactly as seen by the doctor and in 3D with accurate depth perception

  • The Angular viewing range of a microscope is limited by the flexibility of the doctor’s postural limits. The eyes of the doctor which are connected to the spine have to be placed on the oculars of the microscope in order to see. This forces the doctor, assistant, and patients to assume very uncomfortable positions during treatment. MoraVision provides the freedom of Posture Independent Viewing of the of the oral cavity by extending the angular positioning of the MoraScope™ to a 180º sphere around the oral cavity while the operator is sitting comfortably and looking straight ahead at the 3D TV Screen.

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