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14x Magnification with MoraVision™3D

October 29, 2014

MoraVision™3D | Press Release

After years of attempting to increase the level of magnification for the MoraVision™3D System, we managed to go from 10x with MV2 to 12x with MV3. But since the introduction of MV3 at AAE in April 2014, we have not stopped looking into ways to increase magnification at a reasonable cost. Unfortunately, this task remained elusive, until now!

This is a significant development. I am very happy to report that 16x magnification has now come to MoraVision MV3.

System Requirements:
MV3 systems using the 55” LG 3D TVs model LB7200

MoraVision™3D system can now provide features and advantages that can not be matched by other comparable vision enhancement system on the market today:

  • 16x Magnification at 250mm working distance (for precision in diagnosis and treatment)
  • Real Time Stereoscopic 3D HD Video Viewing of the Operating Field on Flat Panel Display (1920x1080)
  • Scalable Image Brightness (for a superb image quality in difficult lighting conditions)
  • Built-in SD-card Video Recorder (2D video recordings in full HD )
  • Foot Switch for Zoom, Focus, and Video Recording (for uninterrupted work flow)
  • 55” 3D TV with passive glasses in the 6 o’clock position facing an operator sitting in the 12 o’clock position (for maximum ergonomics, operating comfort, and control of patient’s head movement)
  • Optional 3D TV Displaying the Same Operating Field in Real Time for the Assistant (for intelligent, effective and comfortable assisting)

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  • Optional HMD (Head Mounted Display) to allow the patient to view the operating field in Real Time. This is a most effective marketing tool in the dental practice. It is based on educating the patient by allowing them full participation in experiencing the quality in the delivery of dental care. For patients, dentistry has been a faith based endeavor. With MoraVision and an HMD for the patient, dentistry becomes a known quantity and quality that serves to eliminate patients’ fears of the unknown and the resulting anxiety. By giving our patients visual control and equipping them with the visual knowledge of their own oral cavity, we empowers them to become better, happier and loyal patients who appreciate what we do for them.
  • Optional 3D Video, Audio and Photo Recorder with a foot switch for easy capture without interruption to work flow. The recorder is integrated into a data base with easy access to the visual data for sharing in reports, clinical education, and clinical research.
  • MoraVision offers a new educational platform for clinical teaching and education. The stereoscopic 3D clinical teaching model brings superb conceptual clarity to the clinical subjects being taught through live or recorded procedures and is scalable from 1:1-1:∞ considering distant learning. MoraVision can improve the efficiency of clinical teaching and has the potential to transform clinical dental education.

Welcome Aboard. It is just the beginning!

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